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Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Education

Your Choice for Quality & Affordable Cybersecurity Education

We cover all aspects of cybersecurity education – from policy to technology. With in-house experts and amalgam of industry experts, our programs are packaged with absolute commitment to quality.

Our programs equip Learners with emerging cybersecurity capabilities which ensure they can navigate successfully the rapidly changing industry.

Our Programs


Certificate Programs are available in Policy, Management, Digital Forensics, and Technology. Each lasts 12 weeks and entirely online. They’re strategically paced to ensure maximum learning… Read More


Diploma Programs require successful completion of equivalent 12-week Certificate Programs. Available in Policy, Technology, Management and Digital Forensics, Learners complete 12-week Capstone (project) under instructor supervisions… Read More


Nanodegree Programs require completion of equivalent Diploma Programs. Available in Policy, Technology, Management and Digital Forensics, Learners must attend a Live (virtual) Training session plus submit a Master Expert report… Read More

Trusted | Valuable | Practical

Industry Experts

Our programs are developed and delivered by practical industry experts including Milonics Analytics, an IBM PartnerWorld

Multi-dimensional Programs

We cover all key areas of cybersecurity making it possible to develop multi-dimensional skills

Industry Recognitions

Our quality has made our certificate, diploma and nanodegree programs valuable to Learners

Live Virtual Training

Our Nanodegree programs ensure Learners experience top-grade live cybersecurity and digital forensics training.

Explore Resources

Facyber provides top-grade tools and materials to our Learners. We also publish industry papers that put them on the know.


Our E-learning courses allow just-in-time learning anywhere on any device.

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